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HardMoneyLeads.com Inc.

Through years of private lending experience and with internet expertise including marketing, consulting, management, and sales, our services are designed to quickly match borrowers with hard money, private money lenders while maximizing simplicity, usability, customer satisfaction, using the latest  technology.

We've accumulated many lender connections which allow us to maximize the efficiency of the internet to streamline locating lenders in a mortgage niche which has historically been highly fragmented across the country. The recent housing and real estate bubble burst and subsequent regulatory shakeup has only served to make bad credit, sub-prime, and private money real estate lending more fragmented and difficult for consumers to find financing.

Whether you are a borrower, broker, or lender, your satisfaction is always our top priority. We always strive to address our customer's needs and provide both lenders and borrowers with a satisfactory service. 

HardMoneyLeads.com Inc.
PO Box 5928
Concord CA 94524
(800) 606-3105
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Sacramento, CA, Denver, CO, Baltimore, MD, Miami, FL,


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